Print Something For Justin

I have recently acquired a new printer with a neat little capability, so I’ve decided to conduct a little social experiment.  The capability I’m referring to is ePrint, which allows printing by sending an email.  I send an email to a special address and voila, it pops out of my printer.  It works with regular emails, but it will also print attached documents and images.  It’s an awesome little perk that allows me to print something at home, even when I’m not there, so that it will be ready for me when I arrive.  It is also compatible with Google’s Beta service, Cloud Print.

So, here’s the experiment: send an email to [redacted] to print something to my printer anonymously.  Normally, the printer email address is locked down, so that it will only print for emails sent from my email address.  However, I have deactivated this setting, so that the printer will accept jobs from any email address.  Because the purpose of the technology is to print a document as though it were a normal printer attached to the computer, it doesn’t include any sender information in the printed document.  Because of this, I will never know who sent each print job.  I will leave this setting unlocked until Saturday, March 31st, after which I will lock it down again.  At the end of the week, I will write about the results of the experiment, and post some of my favorite prints.

tl;dr Send an email to [redacted] to anonymously print something out on my printer!

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